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Man arrested after headbutting officer

Christian Herrera, mug
Christian Herrera

IDAHO FALLS, Idaho (KIFI/KIDK) – A 21-year-old Idaho Falls man was arrested Saturday for misdemeanor resisting and obstructing, misdemeanor disturbing the peace and felony battery on
a police officer.

Idaho Falls Police officers were dispatched to the 300 block of Fanning for a disturbance after 5:00 a.m. The caller reported a man was highly intoxicated and was standing in the roadway yelling and attempting to fight people.

When officers arrived, they located the male and also several witnesses. Witnesses reported the intoxicated man, Christian Herrera, had been drinking and became confrontational with the others present. Witnesses reported Herrera hit at least two people and had attempted to leave in his vehicle before police officers arrived. Herrera reportedly struck another vehicle with his vehicle and sustained minor injuries from the accident included cuts to his face. The witnesses decided they did not want to press charges but wanted Herrera to leave.

Officers asked Herrera to sit in the back of a patrol car to keep warm while they investigated what had occurred and determined how best to proceed. While speaking to officers, Herrera became agitated and began yelling and spitting at officers. Herrera continued to escalate, and officers attempted to place in handcuffs for his safety and theirs. Herrera continued to be aggressive toward the officers and was placed under arrest for resisting and obstructing.

Herrera was transported to Eastern Idaho Regional Medical Center for a jail clearance due to the minor injuries sustained prior to police arrival and his intoxicated state. While at EIRMC, Herrera continued to yell and swear at medical staff. EIRMC staff and police asked Herrera to quiet down because there were children in the ER, but Herrera continued. EIRMC staff cleared Herrera to be taken to jail and asked that police remove Herrera from the premises due to the disturbance he was causing. Herrera was also arrested for disturbing the peace.

Herrera continued to resist and fight with officers as they exited EIRMC. Two officers had to physically carry Herrera to a patrol vehicle where Herrera refused to get into the vehicle, pushing against officers. Herrera was placed in leg restraints to prevent him from continuing to fight with
officers and risking injury to himself and the officers. While the officers were attempting to place Herrera in a patrol vehicle, Herrera headbutted an IFPD officer in the face.

Herrera was eventually successfully placed in a patrol vehicle and taken to the Bonneville County Jail.

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  1. Yeah. By ALL means, let’s DEFUND the police. Let’s have still MORE drunken/high ******* *******s stubbling around, bothering human beings. DAMNED SHAME somebody on Fanning didn’t-‘accidentally’, of course-RUN OVER the P.o.S.! Thanks, cops: Wouldn’t want to BE one of you, but damned glad EVERYBODY doesn’t feel that way!

  2. Prosecutors, please don’t plea bargain this drunk’s actions into some sort of hand slap, i.e. community service or probation. What happens when he gets drunk and belligerent next time and injures or kills someone else. That’s on your office if you don’t go with the felony on the police officer and make him do some jail/prison time.

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