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“Chad was not stunned” – Daybell’s neighbors share details surrounding Tammy’s death

ADA COUNTY, Idaho (KIFI) – Tuesday's court proceedings began with cross examination with Utah Forensic Pathologist Dr. Erik Christensen.

He testifies the original cause of death written on Tammy Daybell's death certificate was pulmonary edema. Dr. Christensen says that's not really a cause of death, there's a reason for the pulmonary edema, which he believes is asphyxiation.

Then Detective Bruce Mattingly from Fremont County was brought back to the stand. He says he reviewed Chad Daybell's statements about Tammy's death and health. Det. Mattingly says Chad's statements were not adding up with Tammy's medical history.

Det. Mattingly also looked at Tammy's Fitbit information. It showed she was very active. He says there was nothing to indicate she was unhealthy.

Det. Mattingly reviewed Tammy's life insurance policies. She reportedly had two policies that, when she died, were paid out to Chad. Det. Mattingly says Chad received a total of $430,000 from Tammy's life insurance and living off of that money.

Alice and Todd Gilbert were then called to testify separately, much their stories added up.

Alice was a neighbor of the Daybell's and served in the Relief Society for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints with Tammy up until her death. She says, "Tammy was a great person."

Todd would read Chad's books and was even referenced in one of the series.

The Gilberts both talked about Chad and Tammy's relationship. "In 2019," Alice says, "it kind of changed. He was distant to her, so that was noticeable."

The Gilberts had gone to the Daybell's the morning Tammy died after Emma Murray, Chad and Tammy's daughter, called. Alice said Chad then took the phone and told her not to tell anyone about Tammy's death. She says she told the bishop of her ward anyways. "It did catch me off guard, it did surprise me," Alice said.

After The Gilberts arrived at the Daybell home, Alice said, "The children were stunned... Chad was not stunned." Todd testified saying, "He (Chad) seemed like he was business-like, more-so than someone who just lost his wife." The morning of Tammy's death, they say Chad told them the time and date of the funeral. They thought that was very soon and sudden. The funeral was only three days after Tammy died.

Alice got emotional during her testimony and began to cry talking about Tammy's funeral.

Just a day after the funeral, The Gilberts say Chad told them that he was moving out of the house. Alice said, "He said he had a friend with a condo in Rexburg," that would allow him to stay there.

Three days after the funeral, Chad was allegedly telling The Gilberts about his new girlfriend, Lori, and his plans to marry her some day.

The Gilberts met Lori when Chad brought her over to their house. Todd describes the two as, "acting like a couple of teenagers first in love." The Gilberts say he was never that way with Tammy.

As The Gilberts were getting to know Lori, they say they were under the impression she had no children after Chad told them Lori had just lost a daughter.

Later, once Lori was arrested in Hawaii after she would not disclose where her missing children were, The Gilberts questioned Chad asking him what happened and where the kids were. Alice said Chad denied ever discussing Lori's daughter passing away. She says that he told her, "She (Tylee) didn't like people and she didn't like me." Alice once again got emotional saying she knew something was up the way Chad talked about Tylee. "He used past tense," she said.

The Gilberts also mentioned a time in February 2019 where Chad had mentioned one of his visions to them. They say Chad was telling them he had a vision that Tammy's time on earth was going to end.

As a reminder, Chad met Lori in October 2018.

In cross-examination, Lori's Attorney Jim Archibald wanted the court to hear a podcast that Todd mentioned he listened to. The prosecution objected because lack of relevance, attempt to use self-serving statement, which is prohibited, and possibility of hearsay since three people on the podcast, Melanie Gibb, Thor Furuseth and Jason Mow, were not in the courtroom.

Judge Steven Boyce ended up admitting the evidence if Todd could identify the four voices and that it was the podcast he referred to. The court got to hear 40 minutes of the one hour and 49 minute podcast.

Lori was perked up and intently listening to the recording.

In the podcast, the four were sharing their testimony. Lori talked about how her faith and experiences in the temple. When referring to messages she received in the temple, she's heard saying, "My job, according to Jesus Christ, is to wake up the women warriors," and, "He (God) showed me myself as a warrior in the pre-existence."

Archibald asked Todd if what she was saying in the podcast was a mainstream Latter-day Saint belief, to which Todd said some of it was.

You can view a timeline of events and all our past stories on Chad Daybell and Lori Vallow-Daybell HERE.

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