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Simpson wins 2nd District GOP primary

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Second District Congressman Mike Simpson

BOISE, Idaho (AP) — The Latest on Idaho's primary election (all times local):

9:35 p.m.

Mike Simpson has won the Republican primary for Idaho’s 2nd Congressional District.

Simpson, who has been in office since 1999, defeated Kevin Rhoades, a Boise resident and small businessman. Rhoades tried to position himself to the right of Simpson. But Simpson has a long history of bringing in federal dollars for the U.S. Department of Energy’s Idaho National Laboratory, one of the largest employers in Simpson’s district as well as the state.

President Donald Trump endorsed Simpson in a tweet earlier on Tuesday.

Idaho’s 2020 primary became the state’s first mail-in primary due to the coronavirus pandemic, and then a ruling in a federal lawsuit gave voters an extra week to request ballots.

Simpson will be a heavy favorite in the fall.


9:30 p.m.

Paulette Jordan has won the Idaho Democratic primary for U.S. Senate.

Jordan, who was her party’s 2018 gubernatorial nominee, garnered national attention during that campaign amid hopes from supporters that she could become the first Native American governor in the United States. She lost to Republican and then Lt. Gov. Brad Little. Jordan is a former state lawmaker.

She’ll face incumbent Sen. Jim Risch, who will be heavily favored in November in conservative Idaho. Risch ran unopposed in the GOP primary.

Jordan is a member of the Coeur d’Alene Tribe with a long history of working on the tribal council. Jordan has generally advocated for progressive policies, including teacher loan forgiveness, better rural education and better access to health care.

Idaho’s 2020 primary became the state’s first mail-in primary because of the coronavirus pandemic. A ruling in a federal lawsuit gave voters an extra week to request ballots.

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  1. Of course Simpson would win again. We have citizens in Idaho that do not realize what a RINO he is! He is only there because of all the special interest lobbyists that pay him big bucks to vote the way they want him to. He has been there for 21 freakin’ years! Seriously people, do you not see that he could careless about us??? I am all for TERM LIMITS on these career politicians who are becoming millionaires off the backs of us hard working Americans who can’t get a BREAK at all from our government! Simpson is a JOKE & Washington DC is laughing at how stupid Idaho is to keep putting him back into office…..just like we laugh at California as they keep putting Pelosi, Feinstein, Waters & all those other idiots back into office. GOD HELP US!!

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