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Snake River BMX hosts BMX state championships hopes to bring it home next year

IDAHO FALLS, Idaho (KIFI )- After a bright and successful year, Snake River BMX, plays host to the Idaho BMX state championship races. The races kicked off with the ceremonial Flag Raising lap where all of the competitors did a lap on the track while the national anthem played followed by the balance bikers taking the track for a quick run.

Cody Norris, the Vice President of Snake River BMX, says thanks to the team's success, they were able to not only host this year's race but also give back to a community that has given them a new life.

"The city really helped us find this spot and after we lost our spot, this is a sport that doesn't pertain to your traditional sports," Norris said. "We have a lot of kids that don't do the football, you know, the basketball things like that. So it gives them an opportunity to express themselves. And the great thing about it is that it's an individual sport and it's based on how hard you want to push it."

Norris says with it being a state race, many big names were in attendance.

"We have teams from all over. We actually have a couple of crews that come out and race. So at one time they were, either pros or they are now pros. A couple of Olympians will come down once in a while and race with us. So it's a great thing to see. As you said, some of these tents do have like parts for us, and or parts we get these are all local vendors. So, again, giving back to the community, which we love to do," Norris said.

Casey Christensen, the President of Snake River BMX, says the good year has meant a lot to BMX racers in the area.

"This year has been awesome. I mean, being able to move tracks and build it and be able to showcase to the rest of the state something that they haven't seen before. And so being able to put this track in the spotlight is phenomenal," Christensen said. "I mean, we put thousands of hours into this track and being able to have a state championship and having people be able to come out and ride the track that we've spent this much time on. There's no better way to show the state and the area what we've been able to accomplish this year."

Christensen says they are grateful to the city of Idaho Falls for the location in Sandy Downs. He hopes to, "show the city that this is something that is going to benefit the community."

Christensen says they hope to bring the race home next year but their challengers are close in tow.

"This is our biggest race for the end of the year for this year, you know, and next year we're right now we are leading state, but we've got, you know, Eagle out of Boise. They're right behind us. You know, they're pushing hard. They've got a phenomenal program Caldwell they, got a phenomenal program. You know, you've got East Idaho BMX that just started this last winter and is doing that. You've got Coeur d'Alene you've got Cherry Hill up there, you know, and we're all competing to be able to host a race like this, you know, and it's a big deal. And so next year, we want to be able to bring people back here. I mean, we've got plans for more improvements. You know, we want to be able to show them that this is a start," Christensen said.

Idaho Falls racer Matthew "Cowboy" Cureton says while he's giving it his all, he still has more to give to achieve his goals.

"I feel like I, I should I could have done better. It's just been this wind's crazy hard. It's pushing me to go out the limits for I'm really hoping to get first and first and second. That's my big goal right now," Cureton said.

Cureton says while this is his home, the competition is steep enough to take away his home track advantage.

"Some people may have that home track advantage. As you said, some people go way different when they're at their home track against pressure. You know, it's just it's an iffy situation. But I would say I kind of don't have this home field advantage because I'm racing people that are fluent in changing and adapting to the situation."

He says he hopes to not only take the top spot in the state races but perform in the gold cup.

"I think I maybe will get the third or second possibility. First will be highly likely, but I will see my chances of that. And if I do make it the next race I'm going to go to is in the Gold Cup finals."

Christensen estimates more than 200 racers from all over the gem state came to Idaho Falls for a chance to win the tournament.

For more information about Snake River BMX, click HERE.

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