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Utah advances plan to remove felony status for polygamy

Utah State Capitol
Lyndsay Nix

SALT LAKE CITY (AP) - Polygamy wouldn't be a felony crime in Utah for the first time in 85 years under a bill that passed the Legislature and appears to be supported by the governor.

Lawmakers voted overwhelmingly for the proposal that supporters said will allow the 30,000 people living in the state’s polygamous communities to come out of the shadows and report abuses such as underage marriage by other polygamists without fear of prosecution.

Republican Utah Gov. Gary Herbert has indicated he will likely sign the proposal.

Some former members of polygamous groups have said that essentially decriminalizing the practice could embolden abusers.  

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    1. I don’t know, J. Jennifer Garner and Jennifer Lawrence would make for one HELL of a honeymoon!
      A BRIEF one, to be sure but….hey….we all gotta go sometime, huh? 😉

  1. I hate to interject common sense into the ‘polygamy’* argument….but I know of two multiple-‘wife’ arrangements in an area just north of Idaho Falls (did some electrical work for them maybe thirty years back) and–theirs, at least–were non-bigamous ‘arrangements’. Having ONE legally-recognized wife and one or more ‘spiritual’ wives residing with you and ACTING as….helper wives(?) is not actually illegal. IMO, irrational as ****, but NOT bigamy, by the letter of the law. The Warren Jeffs, et al, are simply degenerates (pedophiles, perverts in general) which use religious text interpretation–and most anything ELSE–as an excuse for their socially abhorrent paraphilia. They are no more ‘religious’ than Jim Jones, and are no more ‘moral’ than Ted Bundy.
    I am an agnostic who has nothing whatsoever against others having faith. If there IS what I see as a ‘drawback’ to it that would be that faith/religion has been used throughout the eons to ‘justify’ everything from blasphemy executions to open and very vile political ideologies!
    Still, deviants looking for a manner to ‘explain’ their deviancies have always BEEN around, and will continue to be! Good luck on that whole ‘people will come forward’ BS, Utah. Get somebody smarter than your politicians to explain how indoctrination works!
    *Actually, the practice of a man having more than one spouse is ‘polygyny’, but perhaps the Mormons find THAT word to have too many ‘y’s. 😉

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