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Police: No charges recommended in fatal Gillette shooting


GILLETTE, Wyo. (AP) - Police in Gillette aren't pursuing charges in a shooting death.

Twenty-one-year-old Steven Peterson shot his friend, 24-year-old Jesse Flores, on Jan. 31, according to the Police Department.

An investigation found that Peterson acted reasonably, the Gillette News-Record reports.

The two men got in an argument after drinking alcohol and smoking marijuana. Flores threatened Peterson, who locked himself in his bedroom with a handgun and braced the door, according to police.

Peterson told investigators Flores tried to manipulate the lock to get into the room. Peterson also reported hearing a sound like the cycling of a slide on a handgun.

Flores succeeded in opening the door and Peterson shot him in the chest. Police later found a handgun on a chair near the door and say the gun was able to make a sound like the one Peterson heard.

Peterson called police after the shooting and Flores was pronounced dead at an emergency room. Peterson and another man cooperated with investigators, police said.

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