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Liz Cheney opponent pays visit to Arizona election audit

Representative Chuck Gray
Representative Chuck Gray

CHEYENNE, Wyo. (AP) — A candidate running against Liz Cheney in next year’s Republican primary has visited an effort in Arizona to cast doubt on last year's presidential election.

State Rep. Chuck Gray, of Casper, says he visited the partisan audit taking place in Maricopa County on Monday.

President Joe Biden beat Donald Trump by over 10,000 votes in Arizona.

The audit seeks evidence for the baseless conspiracy theory promoted by Trump that widespread fraud cost him re-election.

Cheney tweeted last week the Arizona effort is an attempt to “subvert democracy." Gray says Wyoming's lone congresswoman “doesn't want the truth to come out.”

Associated Press


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  1. The AZ audit is being performed due to the fact there were a lot of irregularities noted and they want to find out how and why.

    Regardless of what is found and how the votes are figured in the final audit, it will not mean Squinty Eye will be booted out of the WH.

    Even if GA, PA, MI and a few others do the same type of audit and come out showing that Squint Eyes did not win, there is no mechanism to boot the old goat out of the WH and replace with DT.

    However, it will help to make sure this BS does hot happen again.

    So AP does not need to do CNN’s fake reporting for them.

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