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Sunny, Warm, then Windy

Changes coming later today, but first. highs in the 79-80's, low 70's for mountains and even 90 in Boise. Cold front will drive winds and colder air to pop thunderstorms for central mountains later tonight and we add a chance of showers, 30%, to the valley forecast overnight and into the weekend. Mild tonight, 50's, then cooler tomorrow. Cloudy and low 70's, with more moisture into Saturday and Sunday. It will be a dreary weekend with chances of storms and highs only in the mid 50's.

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Jeff Roper, First Alert Weather

Cold front later brings winds from SW 20+ tonight and tomorrow with chances of storms and cloudiness.
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Jeff Roper

Jeff has been forecasting the weather for 27 years from coast-to-coast and has worked in Charlotte, Columbia, SC, San Antonio, TX, He has been with Local News 8 for 3 years this fall and you can watch him every morning from 5-7am and at noon.


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